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    Product Type Features
    Family Name SFV
    Electrical Characteristics
    Rated Current (A) 0.5
    Cold DCR (Nominal) (Ω) 0.231
    I²t (A²sec)² (Nominal) (Ω) 0.1
    Interrupt Voltage, Max. (VDC) 125
    Interrupt Voltage, Max. (VAC) 250
    Interrupt Current, Max. (A) 50A@250VAC, 50A@125VDC, 300A@32VDC
    Termination Features
    Construction Surface Mount
    Body Features
    Type DC/AC Very Fast Acting Chip Fuse
    Configuration Features
    Form Factor (inches) 2410
    Form Factor (mm) 6125
    Industry Standards
    RoHS/ELV Compliance
    Help information about RoHS/ELV Compliance
    RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
    Lead Free Solder Processes
    Help information about Lead Free Solder Processes
    Reflow solder capable to 245°C, Reflow solder capable to 260°C
    RoHS/ELV Compliance History Always was RoHS compliant
    UL Listed File No. E197536
    Operating Temperature (Max.) (°C) 125
    Conditions for Usage
    Min Clear Time @ 100% Rated Current (Hr) 4
    Min Clear Time @ 200% Rated Current (Seconds) 0.01
    Brand Raychem


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