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  • 产品类别: 产品分类 电路保护 瑞侃过热保护 瑞侃过电流保护 瑞侃综合电路保护
  • 电路保护,polyswitch自复式电路保护,瑞侃过热保护,瑞侃过电流保护,瑞侃过电压保护,瑞侃综合电路保护
    Product Type Features
    Family Name SFF
    Electrical Characteristics
    Rated Current (A) 1
    Cold DCR (Nominal) (Ω) 0.120
    Interrupt Voltage, Max. (VDC) 24
    Interrupt Current, Max. (A) 35
    Termination Features
    Construction Surface Mount
    Body Features
    Type DC Fast Acting Chip Fuse
    Configuration Features
    Form Factor (inches) 0402
    Form Factor (mm) 1005
    Industry Standards
    RoHS/ELV Compliance
    Help information about RoHS/ELV Compliance
    RoHS compliant, ELV compliant
    Lead Free Solder Processes
    Help information about Lead Free Solder Processes
    Reflow solder capable to 245°C, Reflow solder capable to 260°C
    RoHS/ELV Compliance History Always was RoHS compliant
    UL Listed File No. E197536
    Operating Temperature (Max.) (°C) 125
    Conditions for Usage
    Min Clear Time @ 100% Rated Current (Hr) 4
    Max Clear Time @ 250% Rated Current (Seconds) 5
    Max Clear Time @ 400% Rated Current (Seconds) 0.05
    Brand Raychem
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